Artist Check-ins

Receive encouragement, advice, and accountability by participating in these fast-paced 30-minute check-in sessions with Paul or Nate. You choose the frequency — bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or even quarterly. Invest in your progress and your ministry. Sessions are offered over the phone or via videoconferencing. Hourly check-in sessions are available as well. Contact us for pricing.

Starting at $40 a Session

Basic Artist Action Plan

Gain the focus you need to move your ministry to the next level. This package includes three 1-hour sessions with Paul and Nate. During these sessions we will help you gain clarity on your direction, work with you to develop realistic, but stretching 3, 6, and 12-month goals and help you develop an action plan to get there. 

Special Offer: $199

Offer ends: 10/1/2019

Artist Action Plan+

Get the accountability you need to see your goals through with this package. This package includes all the elements of the Basic Artist Action Plan along with 6 bi-monthly 30-minute telephone or videoconferencing check-in sessions. During check-ins, we will hear progress towards your goals and help you overcome the roadblocks you are facing. 

Special Offer: $399

Offer ends: 10/1/2019

Artist Promotional Package

Gain credibility as an independent Christian artist, increase your exposure, and develop content to use in your promotions. This comprehensive package includes:

  • A 50-minute artist interview recorded at NoteSpire Music Studio or over the phone

  • Your interview will air live two times on the “Artist Insight” series on NoteSpire Music Radio.

  • A 15-minute excerpt of your interview will also air on Jesscott Music Hour which is syndicated on 8+ internet radio stations, potentially reaching thousands.

  • A social media post on NoteSpire Music Facebook and Instagram pages to increase your reach and exposure.

  • Your interview will also be available as a 1-hour podcast.

  • 1-hour of promotional consulting

  • 30 second artist promo spot on NoteSpire Music Radio, aired 4xs a week for 3 months – Promote your new CD, an upcoming show, your website, etc.

  •  Free Bonus! For artists able to visit the NoteSpire Music Studio this package will also include a:

    • 3-minute artist video promo produced in the NoteSpire Music Studio.

    • Video and audio files for your promotional use

    • A 50-minute video of your interview 

    Special Offer: $499

    Offer ends: 10/1/2019

Momentum Package

Take your musical career to the next level with this versatile package. NoteSpire Music will work with you on the area you need most to help you move forward and gain more momentum. For some, it could be coaching related to music style, stage presence, and song selection, for others it could be getting advice related to promotion and booking gigs. This package also includes the recording of one demo in the NoteSpire Music Studio. With this package you will receive:

  • Three hours of one-on-one coaching on the area(s) you need the most help (up to 3 one-hour sessions*)

  • One song demo basic recording in the NoteSpire Music Studio located in York, PA

  • Priority consideration for music to be played on the Jesscott Music Hour which is syndicated on several radio stations including NoteSpire Music Radio.

Special Offer: $399

Offer ends: 10/1/2019

Start-up Package

This is the perfect package for someone who is just getting started and is seeking guidance. This package includes interactive coaching sessions to help the artist develop an actionable plan to move forward with their music career and ministry. NoteSpire Music will also provide guidance on music performance and walk you through the experience of recording a demo and strategizing how best to promote yourself after your demo is recorded. This A to Z package is a great starter package to help an artist move further faster. The package includes:

  • An Artist Development Plan (up to 3 one-hour sessions*)

  • Performance coaching (1 hour session*)

  • One song demo basic recording in the NoteSpire Music Studio located in York, PA

  • Promotional strategy session (1 hour session*)

Special Offer: $649

Offer ends: 10/1/2019

*Mileage reimbursement required for mileage over 15 miles for in-person coaching sessions