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Jim Worthing

Jim Worthing

Jim Worthing has made singing his profession for his entire adult life. In a career spanning over three decades, he has appeared in 48 states, Canada, the Bahamas, and Switzerland performing live for millions of people. Jim’s unmistakable pure tenor voice can be heard on over 60 nationally and internationally released recordings. For the past 15 years Mr. Worthing has toured as a solo artist producing six solo projects including his newest release, “Committed To Love.” Prior to his solo career, Mr. Worthing sang with two national award-winning groups, Re-Creation and The Cumberland Boys. He has appeared on the Grand Ole Opry, Prime Time Country, Nashville Now, Crook and Chase, the Trinity Broadcasting Network, the Canadian television show - 100 Huntley Street, and Paul Heil’s nationally syndicated radio show, The Gospel Greats.

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 Christian Songwriter Kevin winch

Christian Songwriter Kevin winch

Christian Songwriter Kevin Winch

This edition of Artist Insight features Kevin Winch. Kevin was born in Knoxville, TN. He has lived many places in the U.S. but currently lives in Manchester, TN. Kevin plays piano and writes songs. He performs these songs at his church in Tullahoma, and performs them at a nursing home as well. 

Kevin came to know Jesus as His Lord, and was saved, at the age of 19, as he felt the Lord tugging on his heart to be saved. Later in life, after his mom's death, Kevin backslid and got into sin. But the Lord pursued Kevin with His Holy Spirit, to draw Kevin back to faith in Jesus. And in 2008, Kevin rededicated his life to Jesus as His Lord and Savior, and was restored in His faith as He encountered the Holy Spirit once again. And now that Kevin has Come Home to Jesus, He understands that it is through faith in Jesus and His death, burial, and resurrection that we have eternal life. And what Jesus has done for Kevin, He can do for you.

This interview with Kevin features several of his songs, recorded with Elzie Self, from the album BRAND NEW DAY a fresh new gospel album the two have collaborated together on.

Visit his website.

“Broken, My Thorn, My Rose”

Dawn Gwin appeared on the Artist Insight recently and talked with host Paul Gibbs about her music and ministry, with special attention on this book. She kept seeing a need that wasn’t being met in person after person with a “broken” life. She knew of so many who have been through, or, who are in the midst of great trial. Through much prayer for the broken lives all around us, The Lord Jesus compelled Dawn to reach out to these shattered lives; but she knew she couldn’t do it on her own. When she sought The Lord for what He wanted for those whose lives are shattered in many pieces, that’s when He put the title, “Broken ~ My Thorn, My Rose” in her spirit to write. Dawn thought the book was going to consist of a few poems and devotions; but as she continued to seek The Lord, little by little He began to show her this would be a compilation of true stories/testimonies from several people whom GOD brought from darkness to light; from aloneness to companionship; from life without purpose, to living life with meaning and purpose in the center of GOD’s plan. When you read the stories that have come through from all over the world (Uganda, Australia, Kenya, Ghana, England, Republic of Congo, China, Indonesia; along with several all over the United States), and from all walks of life, you will see it truly is “A Small World After All.” You will see that trouble troubles us all, not only one culture and race, but all; not just in your own country, your own city, your own neighborhood, your own home, but in all. Then you will find, all around the world, a great big loving GOD, the Creator of all things is deeply and passionately in love with us all and wants to go with us through each situation we face – anywhere and anytime!

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 Dawn Gwin

Dawn Gwin

More to come!