You have a message to share.

In my day job as a real estate appraiser I encounter many people. Some just in passing, and some for a little longer as they might show me through their house for an appraisal, but all of them people that God loves. And some many of them have needs and situations that they sometimes share with me. Recently I was in a house for an appraisal, and the man showing me through the house shared with me that his girlfriend had just gone into the hospital with stage 4 cancer. And that this was not the first time she had battled this terrible disease. I don't know exactly what their relationship with the Lord is, but I quickly said that I was sorry and that I would keep her in prayer, and I asked him for her name.

No matter what our occupation or position in life, when we believe in the Lord as Savior and his promise of heaven through faith in him and what he did on the cross, we have a message to share. You may be reading this and thinking, how can I share? Well, today I did not feel led to ask this man if he or his girlfriend had accepted Christ as Savior, but I did offer to pray for her and I hope that it will lead them both to direct their thoughts toward him.

Now I want to speak to those who are musicians. If you have that gift, you have a message to share. It's in the songs you sing. It's in the words you say. It's in the life that you live. May this be an encouragement to us all not to focus on ourselves, or be caught up in comparing ourselves and our talents to others, but to remember that we have a message that needs to be shared wherever we can. It's the message of salvation, it's the message of encouragement, it's the message of God's love to those who may simply be having a bad day, and also to those who may wonder if they will even see the next day. You have a message to share. God bless you.