Don't Sell Yourself Short

I want you to picture a life-long dream of yours - something truly amazing that you've always wished you could achieve. What would your life look like? What would you do, accomplish, or achieve, if you were absolutely unable to fail? Can you see it in your mind?

Photo by  Samuel Zeller  on  Unsplash

Now, let me ask you this simple question. Why haven't you done it? Seriously . . . What is stopping you?

Chances are you already have dozens of reasons, and if I gave you enough time, I'm sure you could tell me hundreds of reasons why it can't be done, right?

But let's turn that on its head for a second. Have you ever tried listing all of the reasons why it IS possible and how you CAN achieve that very dream?

You see, it's easy for most of us to see all the reasons why something seems impossible. For some of us, that takes no effort at all. But ask yourself honestly, do you give the same amount of time and energy to exploring all the possible reasons why you CAN truly succeed?

I want you to try a simple exercise. Take a piece of paper. At the top of it, write out your dream or goal, whatever it is. Then, one by one, start a list of all the reasons why and ways you CAN succeed at achieving that dream.

Now, for some of you, this will be extremely difficult. For others, it might seem even impossible. But give yourself some time and keep at it. Most of us have never taken the time to develop this habit or allowed ourselves the freedom to even entertain the idea. If you're still having trouble, try this. Think of some of the reasons you gave for why this will never work for you and counter each one of them with a positive statement.

Maybe you don't have enough money to achieve your dreams. Ask yourself this, “Have I exhausted every potential source of income, including crowdfunding platforms, such as Patreon, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and all the others?” If not, then say that you will.

Or, maybe you don't have the support of your close friends and family. Then ask yourself this, “Have I sought out the help of a coach, a mentor, an advisor, or a mastermind group?” Again, if not, then say that you will.

Continue down the page until all your negative reasons have been turned into positive statements. Then, take a look at your list and I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised. In fact, you just might be encouraged enough to go for that dream after all.

Think of it this way, in the time it takes you to come up with all the reasons why something just won't work, you could have a list of all the reasons why it actually will work and what to do about it.

The choice is yours. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

God bless!