For those seeking a casual setting to record their music, NoteSpire Music Studio, in the comfort of co-founder Paul Gibbs' home, provides a friendly, stress-free studio environment to record your demo, EP or CD. 

NoteSpire Music Studio is also where our podcasts are produced, and is the home of WNSM-DB, NoteSpire Radio. We do video production in the studio as well. We have capabilities to record single artists, duos, and small bands, and can also help you arrange your music by adding instruments and/or vocals. We also do song collaborations with artists.

While the NoteSpire Music Studio is located in York, Pennsylvania, using available technology we are able to do studio work for artists across the world depending on their needs.

See prices below:


Demo: 1 Song  (3 hours) $200

EP: 3 Songs   (8 hours) $500

EP: 5 Songs   (14 hours) $875

CD: 10 – 12 Songs $1750-$2000

Mastering per song - $100-125/song

Graphic Design - starting at $25/hr

Cover song licensing facilitation - free with a song recording, (plus license fees)


Vocal with piano or guitar   (3-5 hours)

Vocal with additional instrument(s)   (6 – 8 hours) ex: drums, bass, keyboards   

Vocal with full accompaniment and background vocals (8 – 12 hours) 

Discount for multiple songs

$225 - $375

$450 - $600

$700 - $1300 + $100 per vocalist

10% off each additional song

Songwriting Services

Song collaboration - $90/hour

Create music from lyrics - $100/hour

Not sure where to start? We are happy to offer a free consultation to talk through what may be right for you in getting started with a studio production project.

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