Gain Confidence. Grow your talent. Advance your impact. 

God has given each of us an awesome potential to impact this world. You may have been given amazing raw music talent that can be used to change hearts and lives. NoteSpire Music is here to help you more fully express and fulfill your God-given purpose.

Whether you are considering sharing your musical talents, but never set foot on stage or you are a seasoned musician who desires to take things to the next level, NoteSpire Music can help you gain confidence, progress more quickly as an artist, and create an impactful ministry.

NoteSpire Music was founded by two friends, Paul Gibbs and Nate Miller, who share a passion for serving God through music. While their backgrounds, music careers, and life experiences are diverse, Paul and Nate are both driven by a desire to inspire and help develop other Christian artists. 

Our Mission:

We empower independent Christian musicians to grow their God-given music potential by refining their craft and extending their music ministry reach.

We Can Help You:

  • Gain confidence 
  • Develop a plan to help you launch or grow your ministry and music career
  • Experience impact and results sooner
  • Record and create your music
  • Gain credibility
  • Increase your exposure
  • Effectively promote yourself
  • Fully express and fulfill your purpose as a Christian artist

Explore our website. We offer many free resources and lots of advice to help you develop as an artist. You can also hire us for song review, coaching, music production, song collaboration, and artist promotion. 

Paul Gibbs also produces a weekly show, Jesscott Music Hour, which highlights independent Christian artists. Learn how your talents could be featured on this show and also on NoteSpire Music Radio.

Our Core Values:

  • Be Encouraging
  • Cultivate Creativity
  • Inspire Others
  • Genuinely Serve
  • Display Integrit